The Audrey Bury Memorial Competition - 2003

The Audrey Bury Memorial Competition was inaugurated at the Spring Meeting of The LEICA Fellowship held in the Linton Lodge Hotel, Oxford on Saturday 20th April 1985.

Audrey Bury attended a Leica course in Luton in June 1978 and shortly afterwards joined The LEICA Fellowship.

She came to her first Fellowship weekend in September 1978 travelling from her home in Tipperary, Eire by Land-Rover accompanied by her little dog.

Her enthusiasm for Leica equipment, The LEICA Fellowship, sense of humour and friendliness of this softly spoken Irish lady endeared her to those she came into contact.

Regrettably following an illness she died in October 1982.

A short while later Audrey's family bestowed on The LEICA Fellowship a sum of money that was used to purchase a suitable trophy for a competition in her memory.

The rules of the Competition include:

These are the winning pictures in the Audrey Bury Memorial Competition held in Lee Wood Hotel, Buxton, Derbyshire on Sunday 27th April 2003.


Floods, Bathford
Don Browning

Show Auricula, 'Brazil'
Terry Stent

Iron Bridge
Don Morley

Old Barn
Jerry Harwood
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