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2016 was the year of our 40th Anniversary.

The LEICA Fellowship Council planned an exciting 2016 Spring Meeting in the north-east of England that took advantage of the long and vast heritage that this area of England possesses which remains largely unknown by most of our population.

To veiw The LEICA Fellowship members' pictures that have been submitted

for display during the Covid-19 pandemic time frame please click HERE


This colour transparency picture entitled "Snow and Sunrise" taken by Ken Davis was the winner of the Annual Competition, held at the 2018 Autumn Meeting in Frodsham.

This picture entitled "Autumn Tints" taken by Don Morley was the winner of the Audrey Bury Competition, held at the 2018 Spring Meeting in Tiverton.

Members and guests at the 2017 Autumn Meeting in Beaumaris, Anglesey -
recorded by our guest RAF photographer

Luton Carnival. Leica Digilux 2.


The Organ loft St. Mary’s and St. Nicholas‘ Church Beaumaris. - M8.2 24 mm Elmarit.


The LEICA Fellowship is based in the United Kingdom and is a non-profitmaking photographic society, independent of the LEICA company.

In March 1976, The LEICA Fellowship was formed as an entirely independent photographic society composed exclusively of those who had taken a Leica users' course. In the early days, these were three-day courses during which participants had an opportunity to get to know each other well, hence the desire of the founders of The LEICA Fellowship to preserve that atmosphere.

At the inaugural meeting, it was resolved that the Aims and Objectives of The LEICA Fellowship would be:

  • To increase and maintain the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the use of LEICA equipment and to maintain the contacts thereby made
  • To provide a platform for the wider appreciation of the photographic advantages and potential of the LEICA system
  • To promote 'Fellowship' amongst those who have attended a LEICA users' course
  • To foster the exchange of ideas between LEICA Camera AG, LEICA Camera Limited and the users of th LEICA system

Membership was restricted to those who had attended a three-day LEICA users' course.

LEICA no longer operate courses that enable members to join The LEICA Fellowship. Therefore, the requirements for joining have been changed to accommodate those people who own and use LEICA equipment.

Application for membership must be made on The LEICA Fellowship's membership form.

Membership will be granted to persons who satisfy one of the following criteria:

  •  Have attended a LEICA Course approved by The LEICA Fellowship Council, or
  •  Is a User of LEICA cameras who is proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of The LEICA Fellowship. Applications for membership made via the proposer/seconder route shall be ratified by The LEICA Fellowship Council. Council will endeavour to minimise the time between receipt of the application and the decision on granting membership. No subscription monies shall be taken from the applicant until the application has been ratified by Council.
  •  Applications for joint membership shall be granted to a partner who satisfies one or other of the above criteria.

In the Spring and Autumn of each year a meeting is held in a 3 or 4 star hotel at or near to some place of photographic interest. The location changes each time, giving members living in different parts of the country an opportunity to attend. The LEICA Fellowship weekend starts at 5:00 p.m. on the Friday evening and ends on Monday morning. From time to time additional, optional, activities may be arranged for the Monday, in which case the weekend will end after breakfast on the Tuesday. A shorter stay, or non-residential attendance can be arranged.

Our Conference Secretary makes all the arrangements with the chosen hotel. A booking form is sent with each Newsletter, and members only have to return the completed form together with the stipulated deposit. All other arrangements are made by the Conference Secretary. Single, twin or double-bedded accommodation is usually available. Members living locally do have the option of attending on a day to day basis at a reduced cost. If they wish, they can make your own arrangements for accommodation.

During each week-end there are talks by members or visiting lecturers. There is often an informal display by members of their work and there is free time for photography. A competition is held at each meeting.

The main competition is held during the Autumn meeting it is only open to those attending. There are seven trophies, each to be held by the winner for the period of one year. The trophies are for:

  • Colour Print
  • Colour Transparency and Projected Digital Image
  • Black and White Print
  • Natural History Print and Projected Digital Image
  • Reportage/Candid Print and Projected Digital Image
  • Best Overall Entry in the Annual and Audry Bury Competitions
  • Travel Trophy judged from every category of the Annual Competition
At the Spring meeting there is a less formal competition the entries allowed being colour slides, black & white slides, projected digital images. This is judged by a panel of ladies. The Annual General Meeting is held during the Spring weekend meeting.

The friends and relations of members are always welcome. Between 45 and 55 people attend and many close friendships have been formed. The emphasis is on ‘friendship and fellowship’. It is a weekend to be spent amongst friends; to enjoy good company, good food and to indulge in a common purpose - LEICA Photography.

The Newsletter is issued quarterly and contains a variety of information. The Newsletter Editor receives Press Releases from LEICA Camera AG and LEICA Camera Ltd., so members we kept up to date with current equipment and other news. There is news of members, the weekend meetings and of course articles from members are always welcome. For those unable to attend there is a full report about week-end meetings and on the Annual General Meeting.

Various items incorporating The LEICA Fellowship emblem are available for purchase by members from the Membership Secretary.

With a current membership of over 140 enthusiastic Leica users, we look forward to continued growth and furtherance of our activities for which there has been proved such an obvious need. The Annual subscription is £16.00 for the full year, starting 1st March, and £9.00 for the half year, starting 1st September. There is a Joint membership subscription where both parties have attended the Leica School Course, this is £24.00 for the full year and £14.00 for the half year.

You will see from the foregoing that The LEICA Fellowship depends for its success upon the active participation of the membership. If you are eligible to become a member, see first paragraph above, I hope you will feel encouraged to join. For your convenience an application form is available by clicking the link below.

For a Membership Application Form ----- Click here.

The LEICA Fellowship is linked to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Northern Counties Photographic Federation.