Other LEICA Societies

The LEICA Fellowship is a society for those who use the LEICA system. There is another society that not only uses the system but also avidly collects LEICA products that is The Leica Society. It was recently formed from the combination of the previous Leica Postal Portfolios which consisted of different types of postal portfolio circles and the Leica Historical Society whose members devoted their time and energy to the collecting of LEICA apparatus because the name LEICA is legendary in the photographic world.

The major club in the U.S.A is the Leica Historical Society of America which is also an independent and non-profit organization. It was founded by individuals interested in discussing, researching and documenting information about the LEICA camera, its origin, history, literature and collecting of the many cameras, lens and accessories made for the system.

As the LEICA system components are highly collectable around the world, the major auction houses have sales of equipment fairly regularly, two of those being Sotheby's and Christie's.

From their origins in 1744 as a London book dealer to their expansion into art of all kinds in the 19th century and their unrivalled international reach in the 20th, Sotheby's has always blended proud tradition with up-to-the-minute expertise. They're ushering in the 21st century with their new New York headquarters building - and with Sotheby's.com

Christie's is a name and a place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service and international glamour around the world. In 1766, James Christie opened his London auction house and launched the world's first fine art auctioneers.